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Feature Description
Unlimited Number of Appointments There is no limit on the number of appointments clients can book. Your clients can book appointments within an unlimited range of time: tomorrow, next week, next month or even a few months ahead.
Unlimited Services List as many services as you like, each with its own unique description and agenda; you define the working hours per service.
Recurring Agenda Define a recurring agenda for the service. For example: : I work Monday to Thursday from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Dynamic Agenda Post your availability for specific dates and hours. For example: I will accept clients on the 30th of June from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Block time slots You can block time slots in your agenda without changing the service agenda
Synchronize with calendars Compatible with Google Calendar, MS-Outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar, or any program that supports the iCalendar standard.
Notifications We send a notification for any event on the system, both to the business owner/ service provider and to the client. Notifications are issued in the following cases: New Appointment or Cancel Appointment.
Reminders We send a reminder email to the client a day before the appointment.
Client Management We automatically add new clients based on new appointments.
Reports You can generate reports to track and improve your business efficiency.
Quick Appointment Scheduling A client can book an appointment by entering: Name, email and phone number. We also allow the client to add a comment to the appointment.
Group Meeting Define the number of attendees per service; For example: For my Yoga class I accept up to 7 participants per lesson.
Business page at Scheduly You have your own unique page at Scheduly. The page at Scheduly is indexed in search engines, and it’s a powerful SEO tool if you have your own web site or blog.
Widget By using your Scheduly widget, your clients complete the entire appointment booking process from your web site or blog. They are not forced to leave your site, and you are improving your SEO on every newly scheduled appointment.
Google Maps When you provide us your business address or ZIP code, we will display your business location via Google Maps, making it easy for your clients to locate your business.
Business logo Upload your business logo to create a professional business page at Scheduly
Safe & Secure Scheduly protects your business-critical information with the same advanced security measures used by online financial institutions and respected e-commerce sites.
Voucher We use the same process as booking a room in a hotel or an online flight. For every appointment, we send your client a link to the online confirmation voucher.